Kambui girls high school is a provincial boarding school based in Githunguri division in Kiambu County .It was registered as a secondary school for girls in 1966 .currently the school has four streams with a total student population of 700 students and offers the 8-4-4 curriculm

Vision statement

As Kambui struggle sto accomplish its corporate goals and objectives,the school has alticulated a vision that will provide it with shared strategic direction helein stated as "A CENTRE OF ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE"


To provide quality and affordable eduction to enable the learner develop into a responsible member of the society


  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Team work and cooperation
  • Christian faith
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Gender corncerns
  • Moral values


The word Kambui was formed in 1902, after a forest that used to be in the area. That year, Rev. W.P.Knapp came from America as a teacher and transformed the area by interacting with the locals that were living there.  Some Africans were recruited in the missionary work and they included Wanyoike wa Kamau, Mutaru wa Njonga and Watatwa wa Kibetu. Later, the first two went for evangelism in Komothai and Ngenda respectively.

The pioneer Africans to teach at Kambui in 1927 were  Kirika Murenge, Ngungu wa  Kagumu, Njoroge wa Kimemia and Munene wa Karugu. By this time, only Mathematics and English were being offered, till 1929 when other courses were introduced like Geography, taught by Mzee Magugu who was the first African to head an institution, who retired in 1935.
The school changed from missionary school to intermediary school in 1935, and the following year a few girls enrolled.   Among the first ones were Wanjiru wa Wateri and Nyambura Kimani. In 1966, the government turned Kambui Teachers College, as it was then called, to a girls, secondary school that started operations on 8th March 1966.